In 1976 students was found part of the skeleton woolly rhinoceros, in the area of Mammoth mountain on the left Bank of the R. Aldan. Excavations Rhino were held by the group P. A. Lazarev 17-19 September of the same year. The landfill is situated in the upper part of the small valley in a large landslide, descended down the hill on 15-20 m Found the skull, Nizhniy jaw with a full row of teeth, nasal horn, arm, the left shoulder, a few ribs. The skeleton is not enough to about 25 percent of the bone, including forearm front leg bones of back finitenesses, several vertebrae and ribs. Of the found remains was mounted skeleton, and the missing bone is supplemented with bones from other rhinos
Skeleton mamontovskoe woolly rhinoceros
The length of the skeleton of a rhinoceros from oral points of the skull to the rear point of the buttock 270 see the Greatest width of the skeleton between outer edges of the ribs 69 cm, height up to the top of the most protruding sharp bone breast pozvanka see Parietal length of the skull 72,8 cm in width in the zygomatic arches 32,3 see the Length of the dentition of 21.2 see the Greatest length of the lower jaw M1 4,5 see Cutting width of the lower jaw 9,8 see the Skull with parietal bone, typical of late Coelodonta antiquitatis antiquitatis. The anterior horn of the relatively short and a little bent. Its length along the greater curvature 68,1 cm, in the small - 54 see horn strongly flattened his anteroposterior diameter is 24 cm perpendicular to it the greatest diameter 5,8 see horn gradually thickens from front to back. The back horn small, cone-shaped narrowed towards the top. The tip of the horn slightly arched back. The base of the horns narrowed from back to front. Its length along the greater curvature 22.9 cm, and in the small - 17,4 see
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